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After a dozen years of depending on her parents to fulfil her every desire, Sakura (changeable name) has been sent to Wakahisa Academy in order to learn some independence. Or at least that's what her parents claim. Really the school's a bit on the shady side. The dress code requires everyone, even the teachers, to wear a mask at all times. All the people seem to be cheery enough, but it's almost as though they're afraid to feel any other way... Nonetheless, Sakura's got to at least make it through a month of independence, so she might as well make some friends while she's at it.

"The game contains 190 dialogue blocks, containing 3,872 words and 20,698

characters, for an average of 20.4 words and 109 characters per block.

The game contains 11 menus, 16 images, and 12 screens."

and, in case you were wondering, 6 different endings.

Currently made with creative commons backgrounds and creative commons sprites for one of the character (there's a text doc in the file if you'd like to know from hence they came), I would hopefully like to redo this game in the future with the other paths I planned and my own artwork (hopefully better than what I have for Umeko).

Install instructions

After downloading the appropriate version, open up the file and double click the file that's categorized as an application. It'll ask you to extract the files, say yes and pick a location. Then go there and hit the application again. It'll likely ask you for permission, if you give it, then the game will run.


Unmasked-1.0-all.zip 33 MB
Unmasked-1.0-win.zip 15 MB
Unmasked-1.0-mac.zip 13 MB

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